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Christmas Trees on Fire: The Best PSA (VIDEO)

From gasoline-fueled mishaps to the Muppets shocking experiment, here are our favorite Christmas-tree-fire PSAs.

Tree-Trimming Trauma

Christmas trees are like Lindsay Lohan. They’re beautiful, but if left unattended they will burn your house down. The saddest part of this PSA isn’t seeing a faux home burning to the ground. Nope. The worst part of this video is that before the firefighters burned the tree down, they decorated it. This tree was trimmed to Martha Stewart perfection, and, just like that, all of that hard work went up in flames—literally.

Cheaters Never Win

OK, so this isn’t a PSA, but it’s a joke about a PSA. Funny man Jay Leno showed this clip of a firefighter with performance anxiety. To insure his tree-safety experiment was successful, the “seasoned” firefighter decided to give the thirsty fir a healthy shower of—gasoline. You can imagine how this one ends.

It’s Electric

Only the Muppets could make setting a Christmas tree on fire look cute. In this PSA, Kermit and his Muppet science team break down the do's and don’ts of holiday safety. Things are going along smoothly until Beaker’s blunder leads to a shocking conclusion.

Do It Yourself PSA

It’s beginning to look a lot like ... a wild fire. Who needs a fire department when the fine fellows from can conduct their own tree-safety experiment? Watch as these geniuses set a Christmas tree on fire in their backyard—under a tree and what appears to be a power line. Their next-door neighbors must love them.

Home Improvement

Paging Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor. This dad has nothing but the best intentions when he takes on the task of decorating his home for Christmas. Unfortunately, his ambition far surpasses his abilities. Where’s Al when you need him?

Leave a Message

Distracted drivers can cause accidents. But, a distracted talker will burn your house down. After answering a phone call, the actress in this PSA accidently knocks over a burning candle and doesn’t notice until her whole Christmas tree is beautifully ablaze. Next time, let it go to voicemail.

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You’re on Your Own

Most Christmas-tree fires are preventable. Unfortunately, the FDNY is too busy to tell you how to avoid turning your 10-foot spruce into a 10-foot match. In this short and sweet PSA, New York’s Bravest warns against fire dangers, but leave viewers up the ladder without a hose.