Clinton Campaign Swipes at Matt Lauer

The Clinton campaign capitalized Thursday afternoon on the widespread criticism of Matt Lauer’s lack of tough questions in Wednesday evening’s NBC presidential forum, sending out a fundraising email swiping at the Today show host’s performance. “Donald Trump kicked off his evening by lying... about his position on the Iraq War—and no one stopped to call him on it,” the email, titled “Matt Lauer,” began. “Not only did the moderator, Matt Lauer, fail to fact-check Trump—he then kept the conversation moving.” The letter continued by decrying how “many outlets in the press lack the wherewithal to call [Trump] out... At this point, we should understand that we just can’t sit around and wait for fact checkers in the media to keep Trump honest.” The email then included a “Donate $1” button for supporters to send cash in order to help deliver the GOP nominee a “definitive rebuke” on Election Day.