Clock watch

Clocking In

You really couldn't make it up. The Queen is looking for a new clock winder - sorry, 'horological conservator' - to manage her collection fo over 1,000 clocks.A salary of about $45,000 a year is being offered to the succesful clock-watcher.

The advert reads:

"The Horological conservation team, part of the Works of Art Department in the Royal Collection, is based in workshops in both Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. They maintain all the clocks, watches, barometers, thermometers and sundials in the Royal Collection, which is in excess of 1000 items. They also maintain and repair items belonging to members of The Royal Family and turret clocks at the unoccupied palaces, including Kensington, Hampton Court, Kew and Osborne House....This job will require a certain amount of manual handling and working at height."

The advert concludes, "In return, we offer access to an unparalleled collection of clocks ... and extensive training and development opportunities."