CNN: Trump Signed Off on Checking Staffer Phones

President Trump reportedly signed off on a search of White House staffers’ phones, CNN reported on Monday. According to sources, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer called staffers to a meeting last week and asked to check their phones for evidence that they might have leaked information to reporters. “I am told the president signed off personally that meeting last week with Sean Spicer deciding to ask some staffers to see their phones, to see if anyone of them were using apps like Signal and Confide, which basically allow you to send messages and they disappear," CNN’s Jeff Zeleny reported. “I am told that was sanctioned by the president, he knew about this, and it was a design to send a signal across this governement entirely, not just in the White House, that they do not want leaks to happen... The bottom line is that the president is frustrated by this. And Sean Spicer, his role, among many, is to enforce what the president wants on these press reports here. So that’s why he had the meeting last week.”