CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Runs Through Everything Trump Has Tweeted About Instead of Roy Moore

The CNN anchor noted that Trump has used Twitter to weigh in on “basically everything else” besides the allegations against Moore.


President Donald Trump finally broke his silence about the sexual-misconduct allegations against Alabama’s GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore on Tuesday. But while he was willing to give a hasty defense of the accused child molester to reporters, he still has not said one word about Moore on Twitter.

“The president's remark from the White House breaks weeks of silence, really, on Roy Moore,” CNN’s Brooke Baldwin said on Wednesday afternoon. “But interestingly the president has used Twitter to sound off on basically everything else, everything except this scandal.”

Then, just as she listed off every breaking news story of Trump’s “chaotic” summer this past August, Baldwin meticulously ran down the topics Trump has covered on Twitter since the news of Moore’s alleged behavior first broke.

That list included both attacks on Hillary Clinton and an encouragement for her to run in 2020, “Kim Jong Un’s height and weight,” multiple plugs for Sean Hannity and Fox & Friends, attacks on CNN — “no shocker there” — nasty comments about sitting senators, both Democratic and Republican, and of course, his latest tirade against LaVar Ball, who he called a “poor man’s version of Don King.”

“And yet not one single tweet on Roy Moore’s scandal,” Baldwin concluded. “So, there's that for you.”