Colbert Explains Daft Punk Backstory

The lesson has been learned: never cross Stephen Colbert—he will air all your dirty laundry. The comedian explained Monday some of the backstory behind Daft Punk’s canceling last week, which led to the ridiculously fun dance mix. On The Paul Mecurio Show, Colbert said the band said it wouldn’t talk and wouldn’t perform, causing Colbert to come up with the workaround, which included the dance-along. The band didn’t like the script, so Colbert and his writers spent all weekend working on it, but on Monday, MTV told the show that Daft Punk wouldn’t perform. During all this back-and-forth, Colbert heard Robin Thicke was available and booked him, so both Song of Summer candidates could perform—and MTV at first said no to Thicke’s performance before eventually clearing it.