Colin Kaepernick’s Jersey Now the #1 Seller for NFL

More than a week after he refused to stand for the national anthem, Colin Kaepernick’s jersey is the number-one seller for the National Football League. As of Wednesday afternoon, the 49ers quarterback’s red #7 uniform is the league store’s top-selling item, and his white jersey also appears among the top 15 sellers. The skyrocketing sales come despite outrage aimed at Kaepernick by those who objected to his protest or his reasoning behind it: that the United States has an issue with widespread mistreatment of blacks and other minorities. “I wasn't expecting my jersey sales to jump to number one because of this, but it shows the people's belief that we can achieve justice and equality for ALL!” the quarterback wrote Wednesday on his Instagram account. “The only way I can repay you for the support is to return the favor by donating all the proceeds I receive from my jersey sales back into the communities!”