Colorado School District Moves to Tear Down Columbine High School to Stop ‘Morbid Fascination’

Colorado school officials want to tear down Columbine High School and build a new school elsewhere in order to end the “morbid fascination” into the 1999 school shooting. According to The Denver Post, Jeffco Public Schools Superintendent Jason Glass sent a letter to Columbine families and staff lamenting that the school is a point of reference for school shooters decades after the rampage—with wannabe attackers studying the 1999 massacre as a “macabre source of inspiration and motivation.” The school district suggested constructing a new school just west of the current site and demolishing the old building in their proposal, which is still in an “exploratory” phase. To fund the project, the school said they would ask voters for “$60 to $70 million.” While Glass stated the school was now one of the safest in the country with its advanced security system, he said some of those interested in the school had a “potential intent to do harm.” Florida teen Sol Pais traveled to Colorado before killing herself with a self-inflicted gunshot wound earlier this year.