Comcast Fires Alleged Proud Boys Member

Comcast fired a Philadelphia employee who is allegedly a member of the violent ultranationalist group the Proud Boys, Philadelphia magazine reports. The company reportedly fired 10-year employee Andrew Kovalic on Wednesday after a viral petition from the Philadelphia-based Media Mobilizing Project identified him as a member of the Proud Boys’ Harrisburg Chapter. “There’s no place for disrespectful, offensive behavior in our culture,” the company told the magazine in a statement. “The individual is no longer employed by Comcast.” According to the petition, Kovalic is slated to work as “security” for a “We the People” rally scheduled to take place in the city on Saturday—which the Media Mobilizing Project claimed was “sufficient grounds” for firing him. The petition also shows a picture of Kovalic in his Comcast uniform holding up the “OK” hand gesture, known to be a trolling symbol of the alt-right. Kovalic did not return requests for comment from the magazine.