Conn. Murderer: 'I Have 17 Kills'

Jennifer Hawke-Petit and her two daughters may not have been the only victims of Steven Hayes, who sits on Connecticut death row for their deaths. “Yes, I’ve killed before,” Hayes bragged in a letter obtained by the New Haven Register. “I have 17 kills throughout the Northeast United States. Perfect victims and well executed, controlled endeavors.” Hayes claims to have kept a shoe from each of his victims. He also criticizes Joshua Komisarjevsky, his accomplice in the Petit murders. (Hayes and Komisarjevsky raped and strangled Hawke-Petit and tied her daughters to their beds before burning their house down.) “I’ve searched my whole life for someone who could embrace and had the capacity for evil as I possess. I thought I finally found it in Josh … I do now realize that had we gotten away, I would have killed Josh. He was not even close to being worthy of my partnership.”