Convicted in Fatal Crash, Woman Sues GM

Candice Anderson of Texas filed a suit against General Motors on Monday over a fatal 2004 car crash that both killed her fiancé and left her with a criminal record. In 2004, Anderson’s Saturn Ion veered off the road, killing 25-year-old Gene Mikale Erikson and injuring her. Since there were no skid marks, Anderson was blamed for the accident and charged with negligent homicide. A decade later, it is evident that GM was well aware the Saturn Ion had a faulty ignition switch but failed to recall it until last February. The lawsuit claims the faulty ignition caused the crash by slipping out of the run position and knocking out power steering and brakes and disabling the air bags. Anderson is suing for $75,000 and unspecified punitive and exemplary damages. She is also looking to clear her criminal record. GM would not comment on the case.