‘Like Dynamite’

Cop Describes LaGuardia Scare

Port Authority police officer Robert Keane described a harrowing scene Sunday to the New York Daily News, explaining how a man who would not speak shut down LaGuardia Airport in New York with a fake bomb. "Sweat was rolling off this guy," Keane said as the man identified as Scott McGann stood silently in front of a security checkpoint. He had a backpack on with a cylindrical object hanging off it. "There were some wires sticking out," Keane said—two wires and a red switch. "He closed his eyes and hit it," Keane recalled. The officer quickly tossed the bag behind a pole. "It felt like sticks of dynamite with tape around it," the cop said. "I felt I had a bomb at that point." Keane wrestled the man to the ground, and the bomb squad arrived, declaring that the device which the mute man carried into one of the nation's busiest airports was fake.