Cops: Rape Suspect Linked to 35 Cases

A man charged as a serial rapist could be connected to as many as 35 cases of sexual assault or home invasion in Detroit, local police announced Monday. DNA evidence links the suspect, Ikeie Randordo Smith, to three cases in Dearborn, Mich., but police believe he could be tied to many more assaults as far back as 2011. “I can’t go into the other jurisdictions’ cases, nor will I give out evidentiary information,” said Dearborn police chief Ron Haddad, “but I will tell you that there are 35 cases in our region that we suspect this person is responsible for. In the city of Dearborn, we have confirmed that there are three cases that involve this individual.” Smith, 32, was charged and sent to jail Friday afternoon for two cases, one from 2014 and another from this year. In both cases, Smith is charged with first degree criminal sexual conduct, second degree criminal sexual conduct, and home invasion. In the 2016 case, he also faces a charge for armed robbery. “I can assure you, [Smith] will be in jail for a long time,” Haddad said during a news conference.