Cops: TN Woman Tried to Run GOP Rep Off Road for AHCA Vote

A Tenessee woman was charged with felony reckless endangerment after allegedly chasing Congressman David Kustoff, who voted in favor of the American Health Care Act, down a highway and placing him "in fear of being run off" the road. Kustoff attended a meeting at the University of Tennessee unrelated to the AHCA where Wendi Wright, 35, allegedly tried to discuss her grievances with him. Kustoff drove off and "that's why she began following him," Weakley County Sheriff's Department Sergeant told BuzzFeed News. After Kustoff pulled into a driveway, Wright allegedly got out of her car and "began screaming and striking the windows" of his car, police told BuzzFeed News. "I've been led to believe she was upset over a vote he had cast involving health care," Plunk said. Wright was released on a $1,000 bond and will be arraigned next Monday.