Corker Unveils Legislation to Fix Iran Nuclear Deal ‘Flaws’

Republican Sens. Bob Corker and Tom Cotton on Friday unveiled new legislation that would “address flaws in the Iran nuclear deal,” coinciding with President Trump’s expected announcement to decertify the Obama-era agreement. The Corker bill proposes that sanctions be automatically reimposed if Iran develops their nuclear program to being able to build nuclear weapons within a year. “Over the last several months, we have been working closely with the State Department, National Security Council and Senator Cotton to develop a legislative strategy to address bipartisan concerns about the [Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action] without violating U.S. commitments,” Corker, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman, said in a statement. Trump’s announcement will give Congress 60-days to reimpose the sanctions lifted under the deal through a fast-track procedure. Despite his positive relationship with many of Trump’s foreign-policy aides, Corker has been in a highly public feud with the president, most recently calling the White House an “adult day care center.”