Couple Hired PI to Monitor Their ‘Erratic’ Son—Right Before He Allegedly Killed Them

A California couple reportedly hired a private detective to conduct surveillance on their son over his “erratic behavior”—only to allegedly be killed by that very same son days later. Private investigator Michael Youssef told ABC 13 KTRK-TV he was hired by Richard and Kim Nicholson on Feb. 8 to watch their 27-year-old son, Camden Nicholson, who they feared was using drugs and had become unstable after a missionary trip with the Mormon church. “They wanted to get a conservatorship over him,” Youssef told the news outlet, adding that the younger Nicholson had allegedly stolen his father’s car and charged $5,000 to his credit card. On Feb. 13, less than a week after Youssef was reportedly hired, Kim and Richard Nicholson were found slain in their home in Newport Beach along with their housekeeper, Maria Morse. Their son is now charged in their murders, with his next court date set for March 8.