Cub Scout Expelled After Daring to Question a GOP State Senator

An 11-year old cub scout in Colorado was kicked out of his den after asking a state senator pointed questions at a Boy Scout-organized event earlier this month, The Denver Post reported Thursday. Ames Mayfield reportedly asked GOP Sen. Vicki Marble questions about her 2013 comments at a legislative hearing on poverty about the “problems in the black race” regarding mortality rates and “genetic makeup.” Lori Mayfield, the fifth-grader’s mother, said her son researched the state senator by himself and that she only told him to be “respectful” in his questioning. “He is still kind of reeling from this,” the mother said. “He is really sensitive, my heart breaks for him.” Nicole Cosme, marketing director of the Boy Scouts of America Denver Area Council said her organization is “evaluating this matter closely and will treat all parties with dignity and respect.” Ames was reportedly offered membership in other dens.