‘Czech Trump’ Set to Lead Government After Election Victory

Czech billionaire Andrej Babis and his ANO party claimed a landslide victory in parliamentary elections on Saturday after promising to fight Muslim immigration and oppose integration with the European Union. Babis, who has been dubbed the “Czech Trump” for his populist rhetoric, held 30 percent of the vote with 94 percent of voting stations counted Saturday, according to Reuters. Babis’ ANO party is expected to get 81 seats in parliament, up from 47. The ruling Social Democrats of Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka claimed just over 7 percent of votes, while the far-right SDP party claimed more than 10 percent. Babis, who is currently facing fraud charges, is now the main contender to become prime minister after coalition talks. Czech President Milos Zeman has said he will allow a month for negotiations before calling for the current administration to depart, and he reportedly said he would not object to Babis forming a new government even while facing criminal charges.