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Daily Poll: What Do You Think of the Trayvon Martin Case?

Walking to a friend's house on February 26 in the gated community of Sanford, Florida, 17-year-old high school student Trayvon Martin was fatally shot in the chest by 28-year-old neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman. Zimmerman had called 911 to report the sighting of what he thought was an armed prowler. Local police say they don't have enough evidence to arrest the shooter because Florida's 2005 "Stand Your Ground" law gives strong rights to those who claim to kill in self-defense.

After a mass public outcry, the U.S. Department of Justice announced Monday night that it would launch an investigation into the case.

Exactly what happened that night remains murky, but as the details gradually emerge, we're wondering what you think of the case. Do you think the Trayvon Martin shooting was a tragic accident or a wrongful killing? Vote now on Facebook!