‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Dismantles GOP’s War Against Robert Mueller

The host went after Republicans for ‘trying to discredit the FBI and the Justice Department as much as possible’—before he knew Trump tried to fire Mueller.

Comedy Central

Trevor Noah taped Thursday night’s Daily Show before news broke that Trump tried to fire special counsel Robert Mueller last summer. And yet the segment that opened the episode still managed to make the case for why it is so important that he be allowed to conclude his investigation.

The host began with the “new deuce” that Donald Trump dropped just before leaving for Davos this week. As the president told reporters, he is willing to speak to Mueller under oath and wants to get it over with soon.

“The reason that Trump’s decision to testify under oath is such big news is that the Mueller investigation is beginning to heat up,” Noah said. “But in the weirdest plot twist ever,” he added, “while Mueller is investigating Trump, Republicans have decided to investigate the investigation.”

“A ‘witch hunt?’ Damn,” Noah said, echoing Sean Hannity’s preferred term to describe the Russia probe. “That’s a strong accusation. Though I guess if you ask Republicans, ‘How do you know this is a witch hunt?’ they’d be like, ‘Because we did this shit to Hillary for years. Game recognize game, baby.”

From the beginning of the Russia investigation, Noah said, Trump’s supporters have “tried to find any reason to discredit” Mueller, from his relationship to James Comey to the political affiliations of those on his team. Now we know that Trump wanted him gone because, among other things, he once quit the Trump National Golf Club in Virginia.  

Most recently, conservatives have been up in arms over text messages sent by FBI agents that referred to Trump as an “idiot.” But as Noah said, “If you don’t think Trump’s an idiot, then you’re the idiot” and “we don’t want an idiot in charge of the investigation.”

As for the whole “secret society” conspiracy theory, Noah isn’t buying it. “People, we all know what’s happening here,” he said. “Republicans are just trying to discredit the FBI and the Justice Department as much as possible so that when Robert Mueller comes out with his findings, you’ll see them in a different light.”