‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah: Donald Trump Is ‘Trolling’ America With Cabinet Picks

The ‘Daily Show’ host took on the bizarro cast of characters that will form the Trump administration.

It’s been exactly one month since Donald Trump was elected president, and for Trevor Noah, every day has felt like an “emotional roller coaster.”

“What makes it worse than a roller coaster is that this ride is going to be four years long,” Noah said on The Daily Show Thursday night. “And the scariest thing is, we’re still just waiting in the line. The ride hasn’t even started yet!”

Among the things making Noah throw his hands in the air and scream was Trump’s selection of Scott Pruitt, a climate change-denying friend of the fossil-fuel industry, as his Environmental Protection Ageny chief, and Andy Puzder, an anti-minimum-wage fast-food executive, as his labor secretary.

“You know, sometimes I think Trump is trolling us, people,” the host said. “It’s like the ultimate troll! Because you realize, every single person he’s picked for his Cabinet wants to destroy the thing that they’ve been put in charge of.”

That includes Trump’s pick for national security adviser, a job that’s “all about assessing intelligence,” which went to Michael Flynn, who is now perhaps best known for believing conspiracy theories like #Pizzagate.

“It’s almost like before Trump hires anyone, he googles ‘opposite of’ and then just gets that person,” Noah suggested. “Fuck it! Why don’t we all just live in this world and do the same thing.” He threw out Osama bin Laden for the head of homeland security and Game of Thrones’ Hodor for communications director.

Noah said “you know we’re in trouble” when one of Trump’s “most sensible hires” is WWE co-founder Linda McMahon to head the Small Business Administration. “Welcome to the Trump administration,” he added, “where climate change is fake and wrestling is real.”