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Dancing Grandpas, Morgan Freeman Impressions, and More Viral Videos

From a Morgan Freeman impersonator reading Lebron’s letter to a grandpa really cutting a rug, watch our countdown of this week’s buzziest videos.


5. The LeBron Redemption

LeBron James made more than a few enemies in Ohio when he decided to take his talents from Cleveland to Miami in 2010. This summer, he announced his return to the Cavaliers in a heart-felt letter to Sports Illustrated.

The “voice of God” himself, Morgan Freeman, breathes new life into that letter here— except that it’s really comedian Frank Caliendo channeling the actor and voice-over virtuoso.

4. A Very Sorry Dog Returns the Baby’s Toys

Charlie the dog has a habit of making off with this baby girl’s toys, and as you might imagine she’s usually less than pleased. To his credit, the well-intentioned pup responds to her cries by burying the kid in toys. This might just be too cute.

3. America’s Love Affair with Prisons

John Oliver takes on the U.S. prison system, pointing out that so many Americans are incarcerated, Sesame Street had to teach kids how to cope with a jailed parent. Oliver enlists the help of his own puppets to illustrate how the system is broken.

2. Grandpa Hasn’t Lost A Step

They say staying active can help ward off all kinds of health concerns as you get older, from obesity to arthritis. At first, it seems like this elderly gentleman ought to have taken this to heart a little earlier. That is, until he ditches the crutches and really cuts a rug, to the delight of everyone looking on.

1. Two Brothers Reunite With Some Old Friends

In 2012, Nicholas and Chris Grava worked at an orphanage in an impoverished area in Cape Town, South Africa. They fell in love with the project and have since started a nonprofit back home in the U.S. known as Intsikelelo (“blessing” in the Xhosa language) to help fund it. They’ve enjoyed success with the foundation, but that’s nothing next to the smiling faces that greeted them when they went back to visit the children they’ve grown to see as family.