Don't Break a Hip

Dancing Nana: 88-Year-Old Grandmother Gets Down to Retro Tunes

88-year-old dancing Nana sets internet ablaze, warms our hearts, makes us want to dance “all fucking day.”

via YouTube

“Nana” may be 88 years old, but she’s still got some killer dance moves.

Uploaded to YouTube on March 6th, the video of Nana dancing has already gained over a million views. One YouTube commenter noted, “This is just awesome! No wonder she doesn't need a cane, walker or wheelchair..she loves to move..go granny!!!”

So what’s the story behind the viral hit? Just granny being granny: One day in September, Chelsey Feole was picking up her grandmother and decided to blast some retro tunes while she waited in the car. Out comes Nana, and as soon as her ears picked up the catchy beat of Dion’s 1961 hit “Runaround Sue,” Nana had to get down.

Dropping her purse, Nana, clad in head-to-foot mint green and wearing what appears to be a MedicAlert pendant around her neck, begins swaying her hips and rolling her shoulders in impressive movements.

The 88-year-old, who has hips that would give Elvis a run for his money, keeps the dance moves coming for several minutes until finally reaching her passenger seat destination.

“I could dance all fucking day,” she remarks, leaving her granddaughter giggling and our mouths on the floor.

Dance on, Nana!