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David Beckham Designs More Underwear, Karlie Kloss Gets A Haircut

Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

David Beckham Designs More Underwear: David Beckham helped design a holiday range of underwear and pajamas for H&M. It gets better: he also models the skivvy styles, in all of his ripped soccer star glory. [Telegraph]

Karlie Kloss’s New 'Kut': Karlie Kloss made a big splash backstage at last night's Victoria’s Secret runway show. The stunner showed up with a new super-short bob haircut, telling Fashionista, “It was for a [US] Vogue exclusive story that I did, and we wanted to do something new, sort of drastic…my hair was so damaged and broken that it needed something.” Unspurisingly, VS’s hair and makeup team were quick to glue extensions into Kloss’s hair for the show. “It’s funny beause like, now I have long hair all over again, it’s like it never happened!” [Fashionista]

The Brant Brothers Strike Again: Supermodel Stephanie Seymour and scion husband Peter Brant have had their hands full in the past year with the socializing attempts of their two sons Peter II and Harry. Their combined Twitter following may exceed 70,000 (they share an account) but their popularity doesn’t exclude them from political controversy. In tune with Donald Trump’s social media stylings on election night, Peter instagrammed a text exchange between he and friend Andrew Warren in which Brant expressed his disdain for Romney’s loss: “I have a contingency plan, kill Obama hahaha,” he wrote. “HAHA well at least women have right, oh wait I don’t care,” Warren replied, to which Brant wrote back “hahahaahaha exactly.” The exchange (which wouldn’t have gone public had Brant not shared a screen grab on his Instagram feed) has outraged the brothers’ following, and drew massive backlash in the image’s comments section. “People might support you more if you jumped of a cliff,” Brant replied to one commenter. Though when Fashionista reached out for comment, Brant was a tad more conciliatory: “I would just like to say I never intended to offend everyone.” Not everyone, just some. [Jezebel]