David Carradine’s Secret Life

David Carradine was laid to rest Saturday in a funeral attended by actors Michael Madsen, Jane Seymour, Tom Selleck, Daryl Hannah, and James Cromwell, but that didn’t stop the New York Post from unearthing details of the actor’s strange life. The kung fu actor raked in millions of dollars a year, but left miniscule tips and constantly complained about not having enough work, the paper reports. After dropping off his fifth wife at the Hollywood Scientology Center every day, he threw back shots at his favorite bar—where he never tipped over three percent. “One time, he left me the tip, and I shook my head and he said, ‘Well, you know with the price of gasoline, up-keeping the Ferrari is killing me,’” a waitress said. Carradine also frequented a local sex shop named Suzie’s Delights, where he placed an order for bondage DVDs and gear before leaving for his trip to Thailand, where he was found hanging in a Bangkok hotel room. Thai officials continue to investigate his death.