Day of Mourning in Iran

Protests are set to continue Thursday in Iran, where supporters of Mir Hossein Mousavi are planning a national day of mourning to commemorate those killed in demonstrations. The death toll of the unrest following the Iranian election, which protesters believe was rigged, is unclear. At least seven were killed on the first day of demonstrations on Monday and student groups say another seven were killed in attacks by government militia on university dorms in Tehran, according to The New York Times. Mousavi, along with former President Mohammad Khatami, have put out a joint letter calling on the government "to take all the necessary measures to put an end to today’s worrying situation, to stop the violent actions against people and to free those arrested,” as fears of an even more repressive crackdown abound. Analysts say the protests could last through the entire summer, but the government is hoping to blunt their impact by cutting off online communications and blocking foreign and domestic journalists from covering them.