Death Toll in Venezuela Protests Rises to 37

A 20-year-old protester has been killed in violent protests in Venezuela, bringing the death toll to at least 37 over the past month, according to Reuters. Officials said the latest victim, identified as Hecder Lugo on Friday, was shot in the head during protests against President Nicolas Maduro in the city of Valencia. The protests, now in their second month, erupted after critics say Maduro began attempting to gain more power in a bid to create a dictatorship. While the demonstrations have been ongoing, tensions flared up earlier this week when Maduro proposed a “constituents’ assembly” to rewrite the constitution – a move the opposition says is aimed at depriving people of free elections. The protests have become increasingly violent over the past few weeks, with demonstrators setting fire to police vehicles and hurling stones. Riot police have responded with tear gas, and in at least one incident in Caracas on Friday, an armored vehicle was caught on camera plowing into protesters. Authorities say the protests have also led to looting in several cities, and protesters in one city managed to knock down a statue of the late leader Hugo Chavez on Friday.