Shot Down

Dem Rep Rebuffs GOP Overture

The GOP came calling, but Carney won't go. Early Wednesday Politico reported that, emboldened by their successful courtship of Alabama Democrat Parker Griffith, Republicans had reached out to another vulnerable Democratic representative, Pennsylvania's Chris Carney, in the hopes that he, too, will switch sides. John McCain, who like Carney was in the Navy, called the second-term congressman Wednesday, pitching him on the GOP; Carney's office confirmed that the call took place, but would not comment further. But Carney isn't interested; though "flattered" he said, "I appreciate the Republican Party's outreach, but I have no plans to change parties. ... I have enjoyed widespread Republican support throughout my district and will continue to work closely with Democrats, Republicans, and independents alike." Carney's district was won by McCain by 9 percentage points last year, and though he won reelection, his seat could still be taken by Republicans.