Dennis Rodman Accused of Stealing 400-Pound Crystal From California Yoga Studio

A California yoga studio has accused Dennis Rodman of stealing more than $3,500 in merchandise, including a 400-pound crystal, along with a former employee and other acquaintances. The former NBA star and Hall of Famer is accused of stealing over the course of two separate visits to the studio. Ali Shah, who owns the studio, told The Los Angeles Times that surveillance video shows Rodman and three accomplices distracting an employee so they could steal clothes and the crystal. An employee who was working at the time told the Daily Pilot that the group claimed the “ginormous geode amethyst crystal” that was for sale for $2,500 actually belonged to them. Surveillance video obtained by TMZ purportedly shows Rodman and another man attempting to move the 400-pound crystal and dropping it, causing it to shatter. They then appear to gather the pieces onto a dolly before the man rolls it out of the studio.

Rodman told TMZ that staffers told him he could take “a couple of gifts” in exchange for helping to move “the crystal thing.” “They call it a heist, because guess what? That (expletive) company, I guess you call it yoga or something? They're broke,” Rodman was quoted as saying.