Dictators Fear Iran News

Nothing to see here, folks. Authoritarian regimes around the globe are censoring internet reports of Iranian protests out of fear it could antagonize their own repressed citizenry, the Washington Post reports. In China, bloggers and Twitter users have tinted their sites and user profiles green in support of Iranian demonstrators and some observers have noted parallels between the protests and China's own clashes in Tiananmen Square in 1989. "The Iranian people face the same problems as us: news censorship and no freedom to have their own voices," 28-year-old blogger Zhou Shuguang told the Post. China's Communist Party is reportedly trying to echo Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's accusations by portraying unrest in Iran as a Western conspiracy rather than a homegrown movement. In Cuba, President Raul Castro has blocked all news coming out of Iran, though information still is finding its way into the communist country, while Burma also is working to stop Iranian reports from attracting attention.