Did Beckham Have A Butt Double?

Call it Buttgate. The British soccer star showed the world his rather enviable rear in a racy ad—or did he? Tom Sykes on the tushy scandal rocking the pitch.

Getty (left)

Doubtless you’ve all seen the H&M ad by now—David Beckham gets stuck outside his house with not many clothes on and goes chasing after an SUV, carrying them through the Hollywood Hills in his smalls—and no doubt you’ve all marveled at Mr. Beckham’s rather enviable rear.

Or have you? For a small army of online sleuths have spotted what might be called “continuity errors,” which appear to suggest that Goldenballs used a butt double.

Oh, the cheek of it.

In one shot, the tattoos on his right arm seem to magically disappear, and his shoulders become broader, but the real giveaway comes when the “Beckham” in the film sprints across a tennis court—and the massive tattoo on his lower back vanishes into thin air faster than you can say “laser removal.”

The revelation— the company has now issued a statement saying: "David was very involved in the advert including doing most of the stunts. Due to his tight schedule a body double was used in smaller parts of the video" - will doubtless prompt millions of men to wonder what hope there is for the rest of us.

To add to the intrigue of Buttgate, as it will surely become known to historians of fashion in years to come, a well-built chap with a suspiciously Beckham-like hairstyle can be seen hanging around in the background of one of the publicity shots distributed by H&M.

All of which suggests that Becks—who has just found a new home at Paris Saint-Germain football club in France after leaving L.A. Galaxy last year—may have been telling more than a few porkies when he gave the very clear impression in promotional copy to go with the ads that he was doing his own stunts.He said in an interview: “It was good fun playing an action hero for the day, getting to do all the stunts and ending up in unexpected situations.”

The Guy Ritchie–directed advert, which ends with a lingering shot of Beckham’s buns as he hooks a thumb under the leg hole, aired last night for the first time on British TV.

But David’s ad is just part of the day’s breaking Beckham news. It’s turning out to be something of a big week for the Beckhams in fashion-land, for competing with his dad for YouTube time is young Romeo Beckham, who, at the tender age of 10, has made his second appearance in a Burberry ad campaign in as many months.

The latest Burberry campaign video shot by Testino sees the toothy young Romeo cheekily popping into frame in a purple top and purple sunglasses alongside models Edie Campbell, Charlie France, and Charlotte Wiggins.

Chief creative officer Christopher Bailey said Romeo “stole she show” during the photo shoot. “This season's campaign lights up with the infectious energy of an amazing young cast of old and new Burberry family,” he said.