Wild Child

Did Biden's Daughter Do Coke?

Nothing like a vice-presidential scandal to separate friends from foes: The New York Post writes that a "friend" of VP Joe Biden's daughter Ashley "is attemping to hawk a videotape that he claims shows her snorting cocaine at a house party this month in Delaware." Through his lawyer, the man told the Post that Ashley knew she was being taped, waving at the camera and swearing at one point. About 90 seconds of his 43-minute video, he says, depict the vice president's daughter snorting a powdery white substance through a straw. Ashley, 27, is a social worker for a Delaware child protection agency and was a staple on her father's campaign trail; for his part, Biden has long been outspoken in his fight against drugs, and even coined the term "drug czar" in 1982. The seller—who says he dated Ashley for several years—wanted to sell the tape for $2 million, but later scaled back to $400,000, though he has yet to get a bid over $250K. Blame the recession?