Did Kim Kardashian’s Father’s Ghost Try to Warn Her About Paris Robbery?

Kris Jenner thinks her late husband’s shade may have sought to warn his daughter Kim ahead of the Paris gem robbery. His communication method? Her cellphone.


Kim Kardashian’s mother Kris Jenner believes the spirit of her deceased husband, Robert, sought to “warn” Kim Kardashian that she was about to be attacked by a gang of armed robbers by activating the alarm on her BlackBerry “right before she was robbed” in October.

Kris was seen floating the unlikely theory about possible communication via cellphones from beyond the grave in Sunday night’s vintage episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, which was entitled “Aftermath” and dealt with the family’s responses to the brutal raid in Paris in which Kim was robbed of millions of dollars in jewels.

The Kardashian matriarch is shown raising the subject of an intervention from the spirit world while driving home with her daughter Khloé from a TV interview with Ellen DeGeneres in which she talked about the incident.

“Right before she was robbed, Kim’s BlackBerry alarm went off, and it had never gone off. So maybe that was a warning for Kim?” she speculated.

In another series of scenes, Kim vehemently denied allegations that the Paris robbery was “fake” or an “inside job,” and slamming critics who victim-blamed her. Kardashian came in for considerable and deeply unfair criticism at the time of the robbery from those who argued that her ostentatious flaunting of her gigantic engagement ring on social media had incited the robbers or contributed to their targeting of her.

There have been reports that the gang who invaded her Paris apartment were shouting “Ring! Ring!” as they rifled through Kim’s belongings looking for items of value.

“It just really sucks when you’re getting judged by the whole world,” she said.

Her sister Khloe chimed in: “It doesn’t matter if people think it’s fake. That’s obviously crazy… To have a gun held to your head and not knowing what’s going to happen to you… that’s going to fuck you up.”

Kim admitted to her family that she had been suffering from sleeplessness and flashbacks following the terrifying incident which saw her bound, gagged, and thrown into a bathtub.

She said, by way of example, that she had “freaked out” when her husband Kanye West came home late from a concert “at 3 a.m., the same time the robbery happened.”

Kim was fleeced of millions of dollars worth of jewels in the terrifying episode in Paris in October, which was the biggest robbery of an individual in France for more than 20 years.