Djokovic to be Named World's No. 1

Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic will go head to head in the Wimbledon final Saturday, but Djokovic—who will take over Nadal's No. 1 title on Monday—has a mental edge on the reigning champion. Djokovic's win Friday against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga left him with a 48-1 winning record this year, setting him up to be named top player in the world. Also on Friday, Nadal managed to beat Andy Murray, the feisty Brit who was hankering to take the title. Nadal has been nursing a foot injury throughout the tournament, but says he's "not worried" about it interfering with Saturday's match. Nadal has the opportunity to win his third-consecutive Wimbledon title, but he faces a tough battle with Djokovic, who has beaten him four times this year.