Marital Replay

Does Prince Harry Have a Shot With Newly Single Pippa Middleton?

The younger Middleton just split with her longtime boyfriend amid rumors of jealousy over royal flirting.

Pippa Middleton is back on the market after a summer of bust-ups with her boyfriend resulted in a split. Could flirty Prince Harry be in with a shot at the other Middleton girl?

It was hard not to notice the chemistry between Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton when the two walked arm in arm from Westminster Abbey behind William and Kate after the royal wedding. As the roguish younger brother and the gorgeous younger sister made their way out of the abbey grinning broadly at each other and exchanging whispered confidences, it seemed as if Cupid might have gotten two for the price of one.

One person who clearly took notice of the heart-shaped clouds floating above Harry and Pippa—and was apparently not soothed by the fact that Harry repeatedly told Pippa, 27, how stunning she looked during his best man’s speech at the reception—was Alex Loudon, 31, the Old Etonian banker, former England cricket international, and pal of Prince William who had been dating Pippa for 18 months.

Now, after a very public “blazing row” at a friend’s wedding and series of bust-ups over the summer that led to a temporary separation, the two have split for good, with sources telling The Sun newspaper in the U.K. that part of the reason was that Alex was jealous of Pippa and Harry’s flirting after the wedding in April. But, the source added, Pippa and Harry are “just mates.”

They may well be, and it can’t be easy going out with someone whose derriere has its own Facebook tribute page, but still, the tantalizing prospect of a Wales-Middleton marital replay just moved a step closer.

After all, 27-year-old Harry, cocktail waitresses aside, is single. Shortly after the wedding, he broke up with his girlfriend of five years, brassy Zimbabwean blonde Chelsy Davy, who recently turned down a multimillion-dollar offer to pen her memoirs. (Pippa, take note.)

He’s been on a tear ever since, drinking, partying, “eyeballing” vodka, diving into fountains in Croatia, and bedding posh underwear models, so a relationship with smart and sophisticated Pippa could be just the thing to get the spare heir back on track.

All four of the two sets of siblings—William and Harry, Kate and Pippa—are extremely close; Pippa spent last weekend in Balmoral, the Scottish royal retreat, being consoled by Kate on the breakup of her relationship, and it was recently announced that Harry will be moving into a flat next door to William and Kate’s own family-size unit when renovations at Kensington Palace are completed in 2013.

Most important of all, all four trust each other absolutely and implicitly.

With Harry due back from his "Top Gun" training in America soon, it seems the foursome will inevitably be spending some time together in the not-too-distant future.

Could there be a Christmas kiss under the mistletoe? Don’t rule it out.