Does William REALLY Want to Film The Royal Birth?

Poor old Kate Middleton. Her every move is tracked by photographers - and now her husband wants to film the birth of their baby.

That, at least, is the news according to the occasionally-less-than-impeccably sourced British newspaper the Star.

The paper claims to have a friend of the royals who told them: "Deep down she’s [Kate Middleton] dreading the idea of a recording being in existence and then getting into the wrong hands. Wills is convinced she’ll have a change of heart on the big day."

We think it wil be William having the change of heart.

Last week Kate revealed she’s already got a shortlist of baby names for both boys and girls. While on a visit to a homeless shelter in Scotland Kate admitted it was ‘very difficult’ to choose a name, ut that her friends kept texting her suggestions.

She also said the baby was due in mid-July, but the smart money says it will be earlier in the month.