Dog Found Alive in Italy Earthquake Rubble 9 Days Later

Rescue workers in Italy on Friday found a golden retriever that had survived nine days in the rubble of last week's massive earthquake that killed nearly 300 people. Rescue workers had reportedly gone with the owners of a destroyed home in Amatrice to collect some belongings when they heard a dog barking. They quickly discovered it was the homeowners' dog, Romeo, stuck in a pile of debris. Romeo's owners said they had searched for him for hours after the deadly earthquake on Aug. 24 but had been forced to give up when they were evacuated for their own safety. Video of the unexpected rescue on Friday shows several firefighters pulling Romeo out of the wreckage, brushing him off and carrying him to safety from a mountain of rubble. Excited to see his owner has come back for him, his tail begins eagerly wagging once his owner begins to call his name. Firefighters at the scene broke out into a round of applause when the dog happily reunited with its owner. The dog suffered no injuries and was reportedly in good shape.