Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s Farewell Note

As Dominique Strauss-Kahn settles into house arrest in downtown Manhattan, CNN has published the farewell note he sent to IMF employees after he resigned last week. “The past days have been extremely painful for me and my family, as I know they have been for everyone at the Fund,” he wrote. “I deny in the strongest possible terms the allegations which I now face; I am confident that the truth will come out and I will be exonerated. In the meantime, I cannot accept that the Fund—and you dear colleagues—should in any way have to share my own personal nightmare. So, I had to go.” He then thanks the staff for its work during the financial crisis. “A tremendous amount of work remains to be done, at a very crucial time; you will deliver time after time, and I will cheer for you when you do so.”