Donald Trump Gets Trumped by Snow, Cancels New Hampshire Trip Friday

The Republican frontrunner made the mistake of going home to NYC right before a major snowstorm—now he’s stuck before a crucial primary.

Scott Morgan/Reuters

Just days after getting trumped by Ted Cruz in Iowa, Donald Trump got trumped by snow.

The Republican presidential frontrunner is trapped in New York City just four days before the crucial New Hampshire primary vote. After stumping in the Granite State all day Thursday, Trump returned home to the Big Apple to sleep in his own bed.

It was poor planning on his part—a winter storm shut down airports and dumped as much as a foot of snow throughout the Northeast.

“Due to the weather and the airports being closed, Mr. Trump is unable to attend today’s town-hall at the Londonderry Lions Club,” the former reality-TV star’s campaign stated. “This event will be rescheduled... Mr. Trump will campaign in New Hampshire on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.”

Oddly enough, before flying back to his luxurious Manhattan home, Trump appeared on CNN with Anderson Cooper and bragged: “I just feel very comfortable here. I have friends that have nice houses and they invite me over to dinner, and they would anyway, whether I was doing this or not, but there’s a great level level of comfort in New Hampshire for me.”

Apparently not comfortable enough for The Donald to forgo his 24-carat gold-lined penthouse bedroom to sleep in one of his friends’ huge homes.

Trump isn’t the only Republican candidate to make questionable travel decision in the past week: Ben Carson infamously left Iowa and returned home to Florida the night of Monday’s caucuses—not to suspend his campaign, as some thought, but to do laundry.

The poor planning resulted in Ted Cruz staffers mistakenly informing caucus-goers that Carson had dropped out, possibly taking away potential votes from the retired neurosurgeon.

UPDATE: Oddly enough, when reached by The Daily Beast, a representative for Sheltair, the forward-base operation at Manchester-Boston Regional Airport who'd handle the Trump liner, confirmed there was snow on the ground and low visibility but that they were open for business Friday; and sounded vaguely offended by the suggestion that they might have been closed.