Donald Trump Reveals His New Paint Scheme for Air Force One

President Donald Trump revealed sketches of the brand new red, white, and blue paint scheme for Air Force One to ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos. “There are a couple of secrets,” Trump said, adding that he had been able to knock $1.6 billion off the original estimate. “You know what, there are a couple of secrets I don’t think we’re supposed to be talking about.” Stephanopoulos then asked whether the plane had a secret hatch to release a pod from the back of the aircraft like in the movie Air Force One. “Everyone wants to know, is there a pod or not?” Stephanopoulos asked, joking. When the president looked confused, he asked, “Seen the movie Air Force One?… The famous pod that flies out of the back?”

“Oh, I see,” Trump then said. “But, yeah—no.”