Donald Trump Talks Obama, Election 2012, Iraq on Fox & Friends Segment

The 2012 presidential hopeful talked budget proposals, makeovers, and The Apprentice on his inaugural installment of “Monday Mornings With Trump.” Watch the potential GOP candidate’s first segment, plus his most outrageous political comments yet!

The 2012 presidential hopeful talked budget proposals, makeovers, and The Apprentice on his inaugural installment of “ Monday Mornings With Trump.” Watch the potential GOP candidate’s first segment, plus his most outrageous political comments yet!

The ‘Sinister Plot’ to Change Trump’s Hair

On his first installment of “Monday Mornings With Trump”—The Donald’s weekly segment on Fox & Friends—the presidential hopeful weighed in on the budget proposal, The Apprentice’s “phenomenal” ratings, and, most importantly, Oprah Winfrey’s “sinister” plot to cut his hair in an attempt to make him less appealing to voters. In Trump’s opinion, Winfrey’s efforts have nothing to do with his gravity-defying hairstyle—rather it’s because she obviously has a political motive. “Oprah supported Obama. Maybe she wants to give me a makeover so that I would not have even a minor chance against Obama,” Trump suggested. But the comb-over-confident Trump doesn’t sound worried about falling behind in the GOP field. “A Newsmax poll just came out that said I’m winning by a long shot in terms of the Republican primary,” he explained on Fox.

Getting Oiled Up With The Donald

You know you’ve reached the edge of reason when even Glenn Beck is “uncomfortable” with your views. Donald Trump demonstrated his vast knowledge of conflict in the Middle East on The O’Reilly Factor Thursday with his proposed solution to end the war in Iraq and smooth over relations with Iran. When O’Reilly asked him what to do if Iran goes into Iraq after the U.S. leaves, Trump said, “You stay and you keep the oil! If Iran is going to take over the oil, we stay and keep the oil.”

Show Me the Birth Certificate!

The self-professed “smart guy” jumped on the birther bandwagon when he voiced his doubts about Obama’s citizenship based on the lack of people who’ve said they knew the president as a child. In March, Trump took his charge to The View, where he said, “There’s something on that birth certificate that he doesn’t like” and went on to sing birthers’ praises. In a stunt to show how easy it is to prove citizenship, Trump posted a copy of his own birth certificate online—which turned out to be an unofficial certificate, merely signed by his doctor. Could he turn out to be a truther, too?

When The Donald Met The Dictator

On an earlier appearance on Fox & Friends, Trump wanted to assuage any concerns that he might not be qualified for office. He claimed his ample experience with foreign leaders ought to be a diplomatic model for the U.S. The proof? When Muammar Gaddafi wanted to pitch a tent in New York, he paid to rent land on one of Trump’s properties. After public outcry, The Donald pressured Gaddafi to remove the tent and said he kept the Libyan dictator’s money, which was “more for one night than the land was worth for the whole year.” Are questionable business practices and palling around with dictators his new platform?

Teeing Off for the Oval Office

Trump is willing to find other ways to get into the Oval Office, such as challenging Obama to a round of golf. After the president was criticized for teeing off following the tsunami and earthquake in Japan, The Donald—a zealous golf fan and course owner himself—chimed in. “When Japan is crashing…For him to be playing golf simultaneously with that happening... I think is very inappropriate,” Trump said. But then, he took a turn by pointing out that the Japanese have been “ripping us off.” Trump added: “You talk about trade, Japan has played us for a patsy for years, but still we should help.”

The Secret to Trump’s Strength: China

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The reason Donald Trump embarked on his media parade in the first place was because he was “ seriously thinking about” running for president, or at least that’s what he’s said virtually every four years—or when a new season of The Apprentice premieres. While Trump’s résumé is impressive—between his real-estate projects and the undeniable success of his reality show— he says his strength lies in his knowledge of China, based on this interview with Piers Morgan. The mogul claims to understand China’s threat to the U.S., which he cultivated, naturally, by selling one apartment to a Chinese person once.

The Donald Bombs at CPAC

Donald Trump may be a lot of things, but fearful he is not. At CPAC, the eternal martyr Trump lamented that he didn't want his foray into politics to put an end to his career, but that it might have to because there aren’t enough electable candidates. “Ron Paul cannot get elected, I’m sorry to tell you,” he said of one conference favorite. Trump’s admission made waves and elicited equally enthusiastic cheers and jeers from the crowd. But alas, Trump did not ultimately win the approval of the CPAC crowd: Ron Paul won the straw poll and the only thing Trump walked away with was an empty promise that if elected, he would make the country “respected* again.” (*By The Apprentice’s audience only.)

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