Don’t Expect a Mad Men Spinoff

Vulture talked to Matthew Weiner about the end of Mad Men, but the show’s notoriously tight-lipped creator didn't spoil any Season 7 secrets or his vision for the future of Don Draper. Weiner did say that the final season (which is broken up into two parts) will pick up where last season left off, with the consequences of Don’s forced leave of absence after he hit rock bottom, though it would not necessarily start in the same time and place Season 6 ended. In response to whether New York Magazine’s latest cover story got it right by deeming Peggy Mad Men’s real hero, Weiner said, “Peggy is a very important character. What Happens to her every season is No. 2 on the list.” Weiner also squashed any hope fans might be holding on to that Mad Men will follow the path of other AMC shows with a spinoff. “I haven’t been approached, but I think it’s because they know I’m not interested in it,” Weiner said.