Dr. Oz Won’t Ask Trump ‘Questions He Doesn’t Want to Have Answered’

As Hillary Clinton continues to recover from pneumonia, Donald Trump is set to reveal the results of a recent medical exam on The Dr. Oz Show. The GOP candidate has promised that the segment with Dr. Mehmet Oz, which will be taped on Wednesday and air on Thursday, will include “very, very specific numbers” from his physical. But in a radio interview with Fox News host Brian Kilmeade, Oz downplayed the possibility of any revelations about Trump’s health. While he said he intends to ask Trump “pointed questions,” when Kilmeade raised the spectre of “embarrassing” details contained in the records, Oz confirmed it will remain Trump’s decision as to which specifics are released. “The metaphor for me is it’s the doctor’s office, the studio,” Oz said. “So I’m not going to ask him questions he doesn’t want to have answered.” The TV doctor also ensured listeners that he would not be diagnosing Hillary Clinton from afar.