Dreher Is 'Meh' About Pot

Dreher shares his thoughts on legalization.

If it’s legalized, I won’t lose any sleep, but it will be one more damn thing we have to deal with. Prohibition didn’t work because alcohol — wine, beer, spirits — were already intimately woven into America’s culture, and cultural heritage. Marijuana is not, though obviously that’s changing quickly. I can’t see why it’s cause for celebration that American culture will have mainstreamed one more way to get fried. I don’t think it will be that big a deal if (when) pot becomes legal, but I fail to see why it’s a big deal that it’s against the law, and I really don’t get the severe righteousness some pro-pot advocates bring to the issue. But, whatever. You’re not going to get me into a big argument over the issue because, you know, meh.