Drill Reaches Chilean Miners

More than 2,000 feet below the ground, the 33 trapped Chilean miners erupted into celebration as the end of the drill poked through the rock into their cave. Two months after they were first isolated, their ordeal is nearly over. Rescuers believe that they will now be able to begin moving miners out on Wednesday. On the surface, rescuers and families held a celebratory Mass that even featured a clown. "We're very happy to hear that they reached them, because my father-in-law needs to get out of there as soon as possible," said one of the miners’ relatives. "He is very stressed out, and he is beginning to have eye problems from being in the dark so long." The escape shaft has been completed, but rescuers are stilll working on lining it to protect the 26-inch-wide capsule that will carry the miners to safety, one by one.