Duke Student's 'Sex Thesis' Goes Viral

It’s usually not a good idea to kiss and tell—especially in the Internet age. For two weeks, Duke University has had to deal with the fallout from a recent grad’s graphic chronicle of her sexual exploits with 13 Duke student-athletes. Written as a 42-page Power Point presentation, 22-year-old Karen Owen evaluated the sexual performance of 13 of the most coveted male student-athletes during her years at the school, complete with pictures of the men. Since seven of the men played—or still play—for the Duke lacrosse team, sports website Deadspin decided to print the entire “F--k List,” including the names of the subjects. It later redacted them following complains from Owen. “It makes me ashamed that the Duke name is attached to what she’s done,” said one senior. “And it’s the age-old double standard: people are more critical of what she did because she’s a girl.”