East Coast Earthquake: Viral Damage Videos

It was the quake that barely shook, spurring a new Internet meme of mock devastation reactions. Watch our roundup of the best viral “damage” videos.

‘Is There a Save the Chair Fund?’

There’s no doubt that Tuesday’s magnitude-5.8 earthquake was nothing to sneeze at—after all, actual damage was done to the National Cathedral and the Washington Monument. But as the media went nuts with breathtaking coverage, East Coasters uploaded videos of the actual damage at home. And boy, were they … tragic? Watch this case of backyard destruction that one commenter summed up with “i cant watch. is there a save the chair fund?”

The Case of the Fallen Deodorant

Oh, the horror! What to do when toiletries fall over? This video titled “smells like an earthquake” shows two guys facing the devastation together. “I don’t know how I’m going to go on,” one lamented before concluding, “I’m going to smell pretty bad.”

Caught on Tape: Earthquake Cam

Thank goodness major news organizations are always rolling—cameras were able to record the actual moment the quake hit in Washington, D.C. But upon further investigation it seems the footage is a bit, er, underwhelming. Watch this clip of the real-time seism—look closely or you might mistake it for a gust of wind.

A Musical Performance, Interrupted

Shake, rattle, and roll: this Brooklynite hit the right note, filming himself playing the guitar when the earthquake struck. So did he spring into action once the earth started shaking? Watch his reaction of moderate proportion.

Cleaning Up and Moving On

Perhaps the most overwhelming task following Tuesday’s shakeup is that of cleaning up the damage. This video shows just how untidy one room became in a matter of seconds, with a fallen stuffed animal and shelf art on the floor. “Hope you got some good insurance,” one commenter quipped. Indeed.