Egypt Sends 3 Al Jazeera Journos to Jail

An Egyptian court has convicted three Al Jazeera journalists of terrorism-related charges and sentenced each to seven years in prison. The purported democracy arrested the three journalists in December, accusing them of helping the Muslim Brotherhood by reporting the news from Cairo. Australian Peter Greste, Canadian-Egyptian Mohammed Fahmy, and Egyptian Baher Mohammed were seized in a raid on the Cairo hotel room they were using as an office. Fahmy shouted “I swear they will pay for this” from the defendant’s cage. His brother, Adel, said they would appeal the verdict. “Everything is corrupt,” he said. Ten-year sentences were also given to British and Dutch journalists, who were tried in absentia. The previous day, Secretary of State John Kerry met with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. He said “There are issues of concern... but we know how to work at these.” Show us what you got, Kerry.