Eisner: Choose ‘Americans Elect’

Isn’t it about time the election process goes digital? In an op-ed in Tuesday’s Los Angeles Times, former Disney CEO Michael Eisner throws his weight behind Americans Elect, which is holding the first online, nonpartisan nominating convention for the presidency in June and will have ballot access in all 50 states in November. “It’s hard to imagine that the Founding Fathers would think our current system is working,” Eisner writes, arguing that our current nomination process lends itself to candidates representing “fringes” rather than the majority of the American people. Recognizing the need for a more authentic two-party system, Americans Elect will require voters to pick a running mate from a different political party than the candidate they nominate. So, for example, if someone casts a ballot (with a click of a mouse) for GOP candidate Mitt Romney, his running mate would either be a Democrat or an independent. “Wwe are burdened with a system that gives a bullhorn to the smallest voices," Eisner wrote.