Elad Lassry at the Kitchen is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

The Daily Pic: The photographer gives old styles a contemporary life.

"Women (055,065)" (left) and "Woman (071)" (Courtesy David Kordansky Gallery)

These two photos by Elad Lassry are from his solo show called "Untitled (Presence)", running for a few more days at the Kitchen in New York. They get at Lassry's trademark amalgam of old and new styles, which has made him one of the most exciting artists to come along in the last decade. Sometimes Lassry seems to be channeling photographic manners from the past (as in the color picture at left) and sometimes he appropriates an image actually shot years ago (as seems to be the case with the black and white). It's all about how photos play out in the material world, but I'm still working out what exactly that means and why I care. But that's work I don't have to do with 99 per cent of the art I see.

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